Canada has been placed at the number 2 spot among the list of countries that are best for immigrants to live in. The number one spot has been taken by Sweden.

The report has been compiled by US News and World Report and it assessed 80 countries on the factors of their income equality, economic stability and labor markets for creating this list.

The ranking has been compiled after consulting with thousands of members of the public and business leaders.

In this latest list of the best countries to live in for immigrants, United States of American has been put at the seventh place, just behind Norway.

Sweden has pushed back Canada to take up the number 1 position, this study was carried out by the US News and World Report as part of an effort to find out the best countries in the world based on a number of social and economic attributes.

When it comes to overall ranking, the position of Canada remains the same, but Sweden slides down to the sixth position. This shows the strength of Canada across a wide range of assessment factors.

US News and World Report created the ranking on immigration after looking at the share of immigrants in a country’s population, the amount of money that is sent abroad by these immigrants and the rankings of integration policies in various country by United Nations.

Canada scored high numbers not only in the field of healthy economy but also in the field of integration measures for immigrants, for example in language training.

When we consider the education factor, Canada takes up the first position. The report also states that the primary and secondary education is compulsory in Canada and it is available free.

The de-centralized federation of Canada enables provinces to provide a structured education system at the local level. Students who have studied in Canada score more than average for International Student Assessment on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).