United States

US immigration visa

Significantly situated in the central North America, USA is the most desired destination for everybody who wishes to migrate for the improvement of life. Since ages the nation has attracts in individuals to settle down as the historical backdrop of the nation is of immigration and assorted variety.

In excess of 50 million individuals over the globe have settled in the country as the nation accepts 700,000 individuals consistently. US is known as s blend with broadened, multi-culturism in light of most of immigrant population.

The state has its enormous size just as variety of atmospheres, variety of individuals, blended economy. The nation is having a solid economy to battle with all chances of economic slowdown. US is additionally known for its eager, obsessive worker just as carefree individuals.

US citizen and immigration services

Green Card Visa

An EB5 Green Card entitles investors, business people and businessmen, alongside their families to remain and work anyplace in the US permanently.

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Family Visa

A transitory non-outsider visa, enabling the US residents to support their family to go along with them in the US on impermanent basis.

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Student Visa

The abroad training division of Hexa Immigration has helped many studies to settle on higher studies.

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