Skilled Migrant Visa

New Zealand work visa

In a quick developing country like New Zealand, there is a steady requirement for exceptionally educated and gifted workers in all parts of economy. To encourage the developing need of skilled workers, the division of Immigration New Zealand has streamlined a skilled migrant visa class.

The Skilled Migrant Category offers skilled workers from all over the world a chance to New Zealand to work and increase Permanent Residence. To be qualified to apply under the Skilled Migrant visa class, an individual must meet the essential qualification criteria. You should: –

  • Be between the ages sections of 22 to 55 years.
  • Be fit and healthy.
  • Be of good character with no psychological or criminal records
  • Have capability in both composed and communicated in English
  • Be enrolled with a proper expert body of your occupation.

Application Process

Submit an Expression of Interest

Presenting an Expression of Interest is the initial step to applying for a Skilled Migrant visa category. The structure plots your general foundation data and comprises of a skilled specialist point system. You should guarantee focuses based on your age, qualifications, and aptitudes, work understanding, and (close relative in New Zealand) and so forth. The primary area of the structure requires standard immigration data to help Immigration New Zealand guarantee that you are of good character, fall in the characterized age bar, are healthy, and that you don’t present any security hazard to New Zealand and its residents.

The EOI Pool Draw

When you present your Expression of Interest against your Skilled Migrant visa, it is then placed into the choice pool on the off chance that you have an job offer or your focuses aggregate up to at least 100. Candidates with at least 140 points are consequently chosen to apply for the skilled worker immigration visa class. In the event that there still stay a few vacancies, Immigration New Zealand chooses however many extra candidates with at least 100 as could be expected under the circumstances during their fortnight determinations.

Data on the Expression of Interest from is completely checked and confirmed at this stage. Applications with misdirecting information or those that are fragmented are rejected and send back to the candidate. Then again, chose candidates are sent an Invitation to Apply.

Your Invitation to Apply

Candidates who have been chosen from the EOI pool are sent an official Invitation to Apply (ITA) At this stage, the candidates will be required to outfit confirmations against the cases made in their Expression of Interest structure including police clearance authentications, medicinal reports, evidence of English language capability and different archives identified with your training, aptitudes, work and experience, visas and the pertinent charges.

Assessment & Approval

When an application has been received, it is evaluated for New Zealand’s Permanent Residence. Aside from confirming that the candidate meets all the talented transient visa prerequisites, he/she is additionally evaluated on his/her expected capacity to settle effectively in New Zealand. At this stage, a few candidates may likewise be required a series of meeting at the New Zealand Embassy.

If a candidate effectively ignores all the referenced stages and has demonstrated his/her capacity to settle in New Zealand and contribute altogether to its economy, the candidate is offered a living arrangement visa or license. A few candidates may get a work to residence license rather, which will give them a time of nine months to get work in New Zealand.

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Q1. What is a Skilled Migrant Visa category for immigration to New Zealand?

The Skilled Migrant Category has been designed for those individuals who have the desired skills, work experience and qualifications to work in New Zealand and can contribute to its economic development.

Q2. How do I submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI) under Skilled Migrant visa category for New Zealand?

Individuals can either submit their complete EOI form online or send it to the visa immigration department by post.

Q3. What happens after I submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form?

In case your Expression of Interest form has a score of 100 points or more, it is put in the EOI pool. Fortnightly the visa immigration officials automatically select EOIs with a score of 140 points or over from the EOI pool. If there are spaces left, then EOIs with a score between 100 and 139 points that include points for a skilled jobs and/or job offer. The EOIs are only valid for a period of six months. If an EOI is not selected within six months, it expires and is withdrawn from the pool.

Q4. What happens if my EOI is selected from the pool?

In case your EOI form is selected from the pool, the visa immigration officials check that the information furnished in the EOI meets the requirements for visa and permanent residence. If it does, the department will send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for residence under the Skilled Migrant Category and an application form consisting of all the information you shared with the immigration department about yourself.

Q5. How soon is a visa application processed?

The time taken by the immigration department to process a visa application varies depending on:

  • the requirements of the immigration instructions an applicant has applied under.
  • the completeness of the visa application form.
  • how easily the visa officials are able to check and verify the furnished information.
  • how quickly an applicant responds to any concerns raised by the officials.

Q6. What are things that can delay a skilled worker visa category application?

  • Any existing medical condition,
  • A criminal judgment listed on your police certificate.
  • Work references which do not list your position, start and end dates of employment and whether you worked full or part time.
  • Any child custody issue which may be included with a residence application.
  • Verification work delays.

Q7. How much does it cost to submit an EOI under Skilled Migrant visa category for New Zealand?

Online EOI application submission can cost NZ$530.00. On the other hand, submitting a paper-based EOI can cost NZ$680.

Q8. What is point based system?

A point based system is a way of assessing an applicant’s ability to work and significantly contribute to the economy of New Zealand. Points are allotted on factors such as:-

  • Age
  • Close Family in New Zealand
  • Skilled Employment
  • Work Experience
  • (NZ Work Experience)
  • Qualifications
  • English proficiency
  • Other bonus points.

Q9. Who all are classified as ‘close family’ members?

Immigration New Zealand defines an individual’s partner, adult brother or sister, adult children or parent(s) living in New Zealand as “close family” members.

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