Business Visas

Business Visas

An amalgamation of superb workplace, far reaching arrangement environment, high development openings and broadened commercial center, New Zealand is among the most rewarding goals for building up a business or putting resources into a current one. The Government of New Zealand has planned extraordinary business migration visa classes that enable outside business people and speculators to go to the country and contribute fundamentally to the nation’s economy. There are for the most part three kinds of visas that are offered by Immigration New Zealand under the business visa classification. These are:

  • Investor Visa
  • Entrepreneur Work Visa.
  • Employees of Relocating Businesses

Entrepreneur Work Visa

Entrepreneur Work Visa is intended for the individuals who wish to maintain their own business in New Zealand. Candidates of this class can likewise apply for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa once they have effectively maintained their organizations for at least two years (or a half year on the off chance that they meet the additional conditions). Then again, people as of now on a Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) can apply for changeless residency in New Zealand under the Entrepreneur Residence Category.

  • The essential requirements under this classification are as per the following:-
  • A base capital venture of NZ$ 200,000 (aside from the working capital)
  • Score at least 120 on the points scale, with points granted for factors about the probable accomplishment of the endeavor and its commitment to the economy of New Zealand.
  • A reasonable field-tested strategy with palatable proof showing sure-shot achievement of the business adventure in New Zealand
  • Clean recent history of bankruptcy, extortion and business failure
  • Character certificate and medical reports
  • A certificate (close to two years of age at the hour of documenting the application) from IELTS displaying a general band score of at least 4 in the IELTS Academic and General Module, or outfit proof of an English speaking background.

How the Entrepreneur Visa Works

An Entrepreneur Work Visa is a three year work visa that incorporates two stages:

  • Start-up stage
  • Balance stage

The start-up stage:

Under an Entrepreneur Work Visa, you will be allowed a year work visa at first. This would empower you to purchase and additionally set up your business in New Zealand.

The balance stage:

When you show the business migration branch that you have found a way to step to a business in New Zealand, you will get receive approval for staying two years of your Entrepreneur Work Visa.

Examples of steps that can be appeared to the business immigration branch for this reason include:

  • Transferring a capital for speculation through the banking system.
  • Actions that you have made to set up your business.
  • Documents that show the setting up of your business.
  • Documents for property buy or taking a rent for the business’ site.
  • Invoices for equipment and supplies for your business.
  • Agreements of employment, bank articulations, service organization invoices, and so forth.

As referenced, the qualification for an Entrepreneur Work Visa to New Zealand, you need to score at least 120.


Q1. Can my family accompany me if I have applied for the Entrepreneur Work Visa?

Yes. Partners and dependent children can be given a work or student visa in case they are accompanying the holder of an Entrepreneur Work Visa to the New Zealand.

Q2. How long will it take for Immigration New Zealand to process my application?

The time taken to process and issue a business visa can vary depending on:

  • the completeness of the application
  • how easily the immigration department can check and verify the information furnished by an applicant
  • how well and how quickly an applicant responds to any concerns raised by the immigration department in regard to the application. Visa processing times can also vary from one immigration office to the other. When an application is accepted, the immigration officials either give a decision, or inform the applicant within 14 days as to how long the processing time is predicted to be.

Q3. What types of capital investments are acceptable in New Zealand?

All funds genuinely used in the incorporation and operations of a business can potentially be accepted as a part of the capital investment made by an entrepreneur. Recognized capital investments do not include the following:-

  • speculative or passive investments, such as term deposits or reserve funds
  • items purchased for personal use of the applicant(s)
  • remuneration paid to the applicant or his/her immediate family
  • investment made in residential property, except for residential property developments which meet Immigration New Zealand’s requirements.

Q4. What do I need to apply for New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa?

In order to apply for New Zealand Entrepreneur Work Visa, you must provide:

  • A duly filled Immigration New Zealand’s Entrepreneur Work Visa application form.
  • Evidence showcasing your business experience that you have either owned a business or held a senior managerial position responsible for all aspects of the business’s operations.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • Health and character certificates
  • Basic English language proficiency
  • A Business plan that proves its ability to contribute to the economy of New Zealand

Q5. If I'm planning to buy a new business in New Zealand, how much would I be expected to invest?

You would be expected to invest a minimum of NZ$1 million and generate at least one new job in order to be eligible for this New Zealand Business Permit Visa.

Q6. How does the Entrepreneur Work Visa work?

An Entrepreneur Work Visa to New Zealand is a three year work permit split into two stages:-

Start-up stage: In case your Entrepreneur Work permit is approved by the immigration authorities, you will initially be allotted a 12-month work visa which shall enable you to establish your business or buy an existing one in New Zealand.

Balance stage: This comprises of the remaining 24 months of your visa. You can be granted the Balance of your Entrepreneur Work Visa only when you have showcased the Business Migration Branch that you have taken the necessary steps to establish your business in the nation.

Q7. What do you mean by personal use of investment funds?

Personal use of investment funds means utilization of fund to purchase assets for one’s own use, such as a personal residence, car or similar.

Q8. Can I pay a visit to New Zealand to investigate investment options once my investor business visa application has been approved in principle?

Yes. Once your investor visa application has been approved in principle you are eligible for a 12-month multiple entry work visa to pay a visit to New Zealand and explore investment options in the nation.

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